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Marie DiMenna is a creative writer, therapist, ​social worker, and ordained minister in the ​Christian Mystical tradition. Marie has 20 years of ​experience working in the field of mental health. ​She is passionate about helping individuals find ​healing from trauma and grief so that they may ​live their lives with a deep sense of inner peace. ​Her book, Fierce Compassion, Deep Devotion ​Poems for Mystics and Activists is her first book. ​Her poem, a “Recovery Poem” is published in​ Occupational Therapy in Mental Health by Tana ​Brown. Marie currently resides in Philadelphia.

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Fierce Compassion, Deep Devotion ​Poems for Mystics and Activists,


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Praise for Fierce Compassion, Deep Devotion

"Marie DiMenna’s book was both calming and inspiring to read. Simple poems of giving and receiving kindness ​point the way toward the world we wish to create. The effect is to reassure us that we can do this, that every ​thought and every act counts. As Marie writes, "Breathe in the compassionate world we are co-creating. Breathe ​out all that does not serve us.” The last section is stunningly beautiful poems from Marie’s mystical experiences. ​Again, they are simple but they go deep.”

Caitlin Adair, Nature-Mystic and Author of Love’s Body Speaks

In “A Recovery Poem,” the opening poem of Fierce Compassion, Deep Devotion, “We Recover” is an anthem, a ​call, to step into a universal truth which perpetually sustains and inspires. In these words, we find ​acknowledgement and hope. We understand fortitude as embodied love. These poems are like compassionate ​sermons, in which Marie DiMenna exhorts us to step boldly into new life. Silently, we cry, “Amen” and allow ​ourselves to be inspired.

Carol Rathe, Christian Mystic and Progressive

This is poetry for these modern times and the very real issues we face today--racial discrimination, political ​discord, wealth inequality, mental health, democracy, and more. The poems address these problems unflinchingly. ​As the book continues, the poems turn inward toward the mystic's heart, reveling in the beloved truth of God's ​love. In poems like "Life is a Bed of Roses," DiMenna takes on a Rumi-like playfulness, In others, she takes us into ​her heart, which is clearly filled with devotion for God, Jesus, and Mother Mary.

Timothy Lin, Founder of Egoless Life Coaching

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Marie hosts a weekly zoom meditation class each Saturday at 12 noon ​Eastern Time (New York Time). The meditation class focuses on using ​meditation as a tool to connect with the divine within and our true nature.

Marie is also available for ongoing one-on-one spiritual counseling. One ​hour video call sessions are $100. Marie is trained in Emotional Freedom ​Technique (taping) and Internal Family Systems. She specializes in grief, ​trauma, depression, anxiety, LGBT issues, gender identity issues, and ​relationship issues. Through working one-on-one with Marie, you will work ​together to overcome the barriers that prevent you from being at peace ​and living your best life. During the counseling sessions, you will also focus ​on your spiritual development, and how tools such as prayer and ​meditation can enhance your spiritual life. While Marie is a Christian ​minister, she has experience counseling people from a variety of faith ​backgrounds.

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I have been attending Marie s meditation group for over 2 years and have been so grateful for her guidance and support Because she has a therapy background along with her spiritual practices she brings her knowledge of both the mystical and the therapeutic into her meditations She has also introduced me to new ways of thinking about and interacting with the spiritual world and has helped me deepen my meditation practice Her group has been a peaceful place to learn and grow Eva Hendrick

To learn more about Marie's ongoing meditation class or spiritual counseling, ​please contact her:

Marie DiMenna

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All of the poems listed below can be found in Marie's book, Fierce ​Compassion, Deep Devotion Poems for Mystics and Activists

Enough Love in Our Hearts

There’s enough love in all ​our hearts

to heal the world.

The world will be changed

by all the heart we give.

We are building our global ​village

one day,

one step at a time.

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Infinite Blessings

We have heard it said,

“Count your blessings.”

Yet when we arrive at a place

Where we recognize

just how splendidly remarkable

life truly is

no blessings shall be counted

for it is then we shall see

that the blessings that surround us

are infinite indeed.


Our Worries

I worry about whether or not I packed enough food for lunch.

He worries about whether or not he'll be shot when he walks out the front door.

I worry about whether or not my shirt matches my shoes.

She worries about whether or not she has the money to feed her six children.

I worry about whether or not I have time to check my email before I head to work.

They worry about whether or not the bombings will end.

I worry about whether or not I will be stuck in traffic.

She worries about where she'll spend the night,

and whether or not the doctor will see her;

she cannot pay.

Fierce Compassion, Deep Devotion Poems for Mystics and Activists, 2023

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